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Minimize Age, Maximize BeautyRevitalize, Rejoice, Rejuvenate!

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Creating a New YouRecapture The Beauty of

Forever Skin Care

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Katherine Jones

Our Patients Are Our Practice Amazing Success Stories

I’ve never been in such good hands since I met Dr Jones. She’s kind, gentle and her to patient is unmeasurable.
Vivian Kirk, Patient
As always, Anthony was just great. I love him as my doctor. I have been going to for about a year and will only see him.
Jesse Norman, Patient
I would highly recommend Dr. O’Neil. She’s very thorough, kind and caring and went above and beyond to help me.
Kelsey Heath, Patient
I would highly recommend Dr. O’Neil. She’s very thorough, kind and caring and went above and beyond to help me.
Kelsey Heath, Patient

Better Doctors, Betteer CareMeet Our Skin Doctors

Senior DermatologistAndrea Atkinson

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Senior DermatologistTerence Morisson

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Senior DermatologistPeter Woods

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DermatologistJoanne Woo

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Non-Sting formulations
Pain free application
Can be applied to damaged skin
Suitable for use on Teenargers
Latex, Parabens and Phthalates Free

Your Skin, Done RightSkin Care Perfection

  • Skin Interventions
  • Cremes & Masks
  • Body Treatments
  • Aesthetic Treatments
Office Visits (New Patient)130$
Office Visits (Established Patient)80$
Body Check Evaluation115$
Isotretinoin (Accutane)132$
Acne Cyst Injection120$
Acne Extractions185$
Bleomycin Drug75$
Destruction of Actinic Keratosis130$
Destruction of Warts200$
Injections of Warts - up to 15200$
Injections of Warts - up to 7140$
Seborrheic Keratosis200$
Skin Tag Removal150$
Benign Lesions150$
Excision of Benign Lesion215$
Metal braces400$
Ceramic braces600$
Lingual braces750$
Self-ligating braces500$
Non-surgical orthodontics400$
Surgical orthodontics900$
Space maintainers595$
Digital molds350$
Denture Photos175$
3D Scan190$
Root Canal - Anterior350$
Silver Filling52$
White Filling65$
Single Tooth Extraction35$
Root Canal - Bicuspid430$
Upper Denture675$
Root Canal - Molar560$
Full Mouth X-Rays50$
In Depth Check-Up35$
Bitewings - Four Films28$
Panoramic Film52$
Adult Cleaning42$
Sealant - Per Tooth24$
Child Cleaning35$
Routine 6 Month Check-up20$
Silver Filling52$
White Filling65$
Upper Denture675$
Adult Cleaning42$
Child Cleaning35$
Sealant - Per Tooth24$
In Depth Check-Up35$
Routine 6 Month Check-up20$
Full Mouth X-Rays50$
Bitewings - Four Films28$
Sealant - Per Tooth24$
Root Canal - Anterior350$
Root Canal - Bicuspid430$
Root Canal - Molar560$
Single Tooth Extraction35$

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Research, Education, TreatmentMost Effective Team For Preventing Skin Problems

Renowned Dermatologists

Our board-certified dermatologists are all fellowship-trained and experts in lasers and technology, cosmetic and medical dermatology, and skin surgery will close solely on the bottom line.

Extensive Experience

Our board-certified dermatologists are highly acclaimed world experts with thousands of articles published, countless TV and media appearances, and hundreds of years of combined experience.

In-House Research Team

Our research division provides an ideal setting for recruiting patients into clinical trials. Study trials are executed promptly and efficiently with the assistance of our full-time research staff.

Outstanding Facilities

Our 30,000+ sq foot dermatology and plastic surgery center in New York is the most comprehensive, state-of-the-art laser and cosmetic skin surgery center in the world.

Large or Small, we Accept it All

Insurance Accepted

Here is a short list of the insurance providers we accept, click on a link to view a full list of all providers. Please call the office with any questions you might have.

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